Ships wanted for sale

Several customers are looking for a specific type of round or flatbottomyacht.

Via this section we want to help our customers who are looking for a specific ship and try to match buyer and seller with each other. If you are planning to sell your ship, we often have candidate buyers in our system that have filled in a searchform, so a quick sale of your ship can be realised.

Ships we are looking for

Currently we are looking for our customers for the ships listed below:

  • Staverse Jol 8 meter - Kooijman & de Vries
  • Vollenhovense Bol - 8 / 9 meter
  • Zeeschouw - vanaf 10 meter
  • Zeeuwse Schouw
  • Lemsteraak vanaf 10 meter
  • Schokker vanaf 8.5 meter

If you are the owner of one of these ships and you think about selling it, please contact us, so we can make an appointment.

M. Koekebakker
T: 0515 - 442750

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