Welcome to the Heech by de Mar sailers contact page

You have a lot or few sailing experience or you want to sail with more or other people, you can sign in for this new service Heech by de Mar offers.

Via this page you can contact other sailers who already signed in as for example sailing instructor, as sailing buddy or as for example a single who wants to join a sailing trip on a round or flatbottomyacht from Heech by de Mar. Also if you want to increase your network of sailing enthousiasts or are looking for adventure, you can sign in, so others can contact you.

This new service is absolutely free and we hope you can find through this servie a new (temporarily) skipper, meet interesting companions or enroll on a ship that, for example, sails on the Waddensea for a week, where you probably don't come normally.

Click on the link of a person for more information and if you want to make an appointment with this person you can do this via the link "contact".
Or you can sign in via the link "sign in".

If you have any ideas or suggestions, please contact us.

Because of privacy issues about address information and e-mail addresses all contact and correspondence runs via Heech by de Mar

We wish you lots of sailing fun together.


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Martin Koekebakker

Year of birth: 1965

Language: NL + DE + ENG

Experience: Very experienced sailer (30+ years)

My wish: Who wants to sail over the Waddensea with me for a week? Normaly around the third week of April, I will sail the luxuory Lemsteraak 11 meter "Beste Vaert".

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Jan Cees Kossen

Year of birth: 1943

Language: NL + DL + ENG

Experience: a Lot.

My wish: Teach other sailers the great possibilities of watersport and especially the sailing with flat bottomed yachts.

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Marianne van der Linden

Language: NL + DL + ENG

Experience: a Lot

My wish: Our wish is to transfer our skills in sailing and  manoeuvering with flat bottomed yachts to enthusiast sailers.

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Okke Boom

Year of birth: 1976

Language: NL + DL + ENG

Experience: Much

My wish: I'm always looking for more sailing days. So I like to give instructions to both inexperienced as more experienced sailers, for example in sailing in currents and running dry.

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Peter Bol

Year of birth: 1955

Language: NL + ENG

Experience: Reasonable

My wish: Like to sail on one of the bigger flat bottomed yachts as crew member or steersman.

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Your name?

Year of birth: 19..

Language: NL, DL, ENG or other

Experience: Your sailing experience.

My wish: Here could be your ad.

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