Woudaaproute route (specially for children)

A boat trip becomes a family trip.

General information:
This route is suitable for Yachts with a maximum mast height  from 11.50 meters because of the non-moveable bridge at Langweer.
This means that this route is suitable for all our motoryachs and Flat-bottomed Yachts such as the Grundel, Zeeuwse Schouw and the Vollenhovense Bol 8.10.
Little sailing experience required.
Also suitable to sail with more wind than average. This route takes you a couple of days and is also suitable for a weekend or midweek.

Woudaap route:
Plenty of fun things for children to do make this boat trip a voyage of discovery for all the family.
Head for dry land at Terherne, Langweer, Woudsend, Heeg, Ijlst and Sneek, and you’ll be amazed.
When sailing from Sneek over the Sneekermeer lake , you’ll find Terherne, the village where Hielke and Sietse Klinkhamer live, the well-known Dutch children’s adventure books called ‘the Kameleon’ come to life. This route is named after the village windmill: the Woudaap. During a tour in a flat bottomed boat, children can experience exiting adventures such as pole vaulting, raft building and a marsh walk. Terherne itself has become an internationally acclaimed water sports village, with a classical ship harbor, various marinas, surfing facilities and many fishing areas.

Fun and games in Langweer
After Terherne, the route heads towards Langweer. The central location makes it the ideal starting point for sailing trips. The new harbor master’s office and recreational  building make the port even more attractive . There is even a roofed-in area which is great for barbeques,  for example. The refurbished beach now features playing equipment specially for children. Langweer is also the perfect place from which to start out on wonderful cycling and walking trips with the family.

Discover Woudsend and Heeg
On to Woudsend. The overnight mooring berths in the village  centre have been improved, making it easier to get ashore. Why not check out the Jager wood saw mill or the corn mill ‘t ’Lam. After Woudsend, the route continues to Heeg.  Here, it’s easy to moor in the centre for drinks or ice creams at one of the pavement cafes. Another tip: The fantastic way of discovering Heeg centre with children is by canoe!

On our way to Sneek, you ‘ll encounter another of the smallest of the Friesian 11 towns and villages: Ijlst. The children are bound to enjoy a trip on the milk boat, or a look at the local  clockmaker.
Further on in the green landscape , Sneek comes into view.  Once again , there’s plenty to do with the children. The model Railway Museum and the Friesian shipping museum are really  worthwhile, while the renovated De Potten recreation area is the ideal spot to relax, with a great water playground for young children. Welcome to the Woudaap route!

Suprising Friesland for young and old
The new Woudaap route allows the complete family to enjoy the Friesian Lakes area. Sail to Terherne, Langweer, Woudsend and Heeg, and you’ll soon see how welcome the children are.
The route is possible for both motorboats and sailing boats, and the many mooring options allow you to go ashore easily in the various villages. Why not more in Terherne?  In the Classical Ships harbor, working and pleasure boats have their own moorings, most of the ships dating from the twentieth century. There are also characteristic holiday homes, shops and the Ship Hall.

Atrractive sailing stretch
Langweer has also become even more attractive as a water sports location. There is a new harbor master’s office for example, as well as new sanitary facilities and even more beach activities for the children. Children can have fun on the playing field while lunch is being prepared in the new, covered picnic area. Heading out from Langweer, take de Welle to Woudsend. This stretch of water is not suitable for all boats, because of the bridge with a height of 1.60 metres. Which is why there’s an alternative via the Johan Frise Kanaal. Towards Heeg, the Jeltesloot aqueduct at Hommerts has replaced the busiest bridge of Friesland, making this area a lot easier to sail. Enjoy the views of the landscape while cruising over the aqueduct.

On arrival in Woudsend, mooring has been made simple. The centre has become more accessible, thanks to the new ring road built around the village. The old bridge still exists but the arrival of the
‘Ie aqueduct’ means that the bridge need not open as often. The overnight mooring berths in the village centre have been enlarged and improved, it’s also very simple to sail on to Heeg.

Sneek as a final destination
How better to arrive in Sneek than through the picturesque landscape. The Geeuw aqueduct welcomes water sporters to the south west of the town. Besides the lively town, with even more mooring facilities, there’s plenty to do at the Starteiland.
Don’t miss the National Keel Boat Training Centre, a sports accommodation for competitive sailing training  which meets the requirements for the Dutch Olympic Committee. The roof terrace is the ideal viewpoint for the sailing races on Sneek Lake.

Rent a boat and sail this route

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