Special attention supply Flatbottomyachts

With this section we will give special attention to a ship in our sale port in Heeg. Periodically we highlight a different ship.

Zeeschouw ’t Kwaaie Wijf’

Sturdy lady with fisherman's appearance in a good condition for her age.
Zeeschouw 't Kwaaie Wijf' combines the fisherman's appearance with the comfort of a roef design, such as a lot of inside space and standing height.
This sturdy robust Zeeschouw from the famous Zijlstra shipyard is in a good condition for her age. For example, the hull was professionally sand blasted and system treated in 2017, the sails were renewed in 2013 and the (internally cooled) engine was overhauled in 2004.
If you are looking for a well-built, stable flat-bottomed boat to stay on for a long time with several people, we would like to invite you to come and take a look at this lady.

More Information to be found on : https://www.heechbydemar.com/yachts-for-sale/flatbottomyachts-for-sale/150849/t-kwaaie-wijf/

Lemsteraak ‘Vrouwe Leonoire’

Beautifull lined Stofberg barge a “lemsteraak” with lots of space.
Are you looking for a very well maintained, and  spacious lemsteraak which is offered for a competitive price, then continue reading……

‘Vrouwe Leonoire’ is a special ship, one of the few barges with a counterweight, therefore easy to lower the mast and allowing the ship to pass under low bridges. Characteristic is the cozy mahogany interior with six berths and if necessary sleeping for 9 can be provided. Technically she is in an excellent state and also equipped with extensive navigation and electronics.
She has a complete sailing plan including a mizen staysail, a halfwinder and “water sails or also called “save all” sails.
The powerful Thornycroft engine has an internal cooling and is a power full motor and has enough power for its water displacement. In short; an extensively equipped family ship with a large sailing range to enjoy this spring; she is ready to sail!

More Information to be found on: /yachts-for-sale/flatbottomyachts-for-sale/136523/vrouwe-leonoire/

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