Brokerage conditions

Below listed some points from our brokerage conditions.

  • The brokerage order shall be made for an indefinite period, however, for at least nine months. Termination shall be made exclusively in writing by either party.
  • The yacht shall remain the owner's expense and risk (also during trial sailings) until the transfer of ownership to the buyer.
  • Heech by de Mar shall undertake the activities necessary to sell the yacht and, upon sale, shall draw up the sales contract. With the exception of advertisements in Spiegel der Zeilvaart, special advertisements featuring the yacht shall be placed only at the request of the owner, who shall also be charged for this service. Advertisements of the ship, including photo, in the Spiegel der Zeilvaart (10 placements per year) shall be paid by Heech by de Mar B.V. Free photo presentation at the Boot-Düsseldorf and HISWA boat shows.
  • Upon conclusion of a sales contract, the owner/seller shall pay Heech by de Mar a commission as based on the sales price, with a minimum commission of € 2.150,= increased by the applicable statutory turnover tax (VAT). If the owner/seller sells his yacht himself to a buyer unknown to Heech by de Mar, or if he cancels the brokerage contract before its expiration, he shall be charged an amount equal to 50% of the usual commission as based on the original asking price.

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