Inventory Flat bottomed yachts

On deck    
boathook Barge pole 4 fenders
4 mooring lines flagpole with flag anchor and line
sail ties    
In the cockpitbenches    
2 mooring pegs bucket scrubber
2 gas bottles bilge pump storm lantern
life buoy anchor ball motor cone
In the cabin    
knifes* forks* spoons*
2 serving spoons gravy ladle bread knife
dish-washing brush potato peeler teaspoons*
can opener deep plates* bottle opener
corkscrew wooden spoon pancake spatula
colander cutting-board tea/coffee pot/ thermos
coffee filter holder 2 potsfont roasting pan
frying pan saucepan washtub
2 table mats 2 serving bowls ashtray
tea/coffee cups* diner plates* dessert bowl*
beer/lemonade glasses* shot glasses* wine glasses*
gas cooker mop fire extinguisher
w.c. brush garbage bag coat hangers
first-aid ox whistling kettle whipping gear
scissors Boardbook NL+Dld Book "Varen met platbodems NL + Dld
Almanac part 1 Almanac part  II chart of Frisian lakes
chart of IJsselmeer chart of west Waddensea tides and water levels guide
corrected compass binoculars foghorn
ignition key door key water/diesel cap key
adjustable-joint pliers Cocpit table radar reflector

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