Flotilla sailing Waddensea

Flotilla sailing instruction tour on the Waddensea. For our guests we organize for several years now a Waddensea tour led by experienced sailing instructors on flat bottom yachts. In 2022 the Waddensea tour is planned from April 22th - April 29th 2022.

If you are interested in a Waddensea tour we can offer you undermentioned options:

  • You book a berth on one of our ships with an experienced skipper from Heech by de Mar.
    The price of a berth for a week on our flagship "Hendrickje Stoffels" (a 13.00 mtr. Lemsteraak) or "Ronde Walvis" (a 14.50 mtr. Lemsteraak) is € 795,-.
    The costs for a berth on one of our other Lemsteraak 11.00 mtrs  with skipper are € 745,-. The costs for the skipper are included in the price. Costs for food,used diesel and marina fees etc. are not included and have to be paid by the occupants.
  • Or you hire with friends or family one of our other flat bottomed yachts, starting from the length of 8.50 meter, for the indicated Charterprice for that period and an extra € 95,- per person (these costs are included 1 dinner on the day of departure; excluded beverages)  
    You can join the group with your rented ship.

More information

It is a combined Dutch / German / tour with Dutch, German speaking instructors. On the ships with skipper we aim to place guests with common nationalities.
Call us or send an e-mail for more information or sign in for the flotilla tour.

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