Flotilla sailing Waddensea

Flotilla sailing instruction tour on the Waddensea. For our guests we organize for several years now  a Waddensea tour led by experienced sailing instructors on flat bottom yachts.

We deal with all the aspects of sailing on the Waddensea.
For the next 2019 season the tour is planned in the week from april 12th - april 19th 2019.

If you are interested in a Waddensea tour we can offer you undermentioned options:

  • You book a berth on one of our ships with an experienced skipper from Heech by de Mar.
    The price of a berth for a week on our flagship "Hendrickje Stoffels" (a 13.00 mtr. Lemsteraak) or "Ronde Walvis" (a 14.50 mtr. Lemsteraak) is € 725,-.
    The costs for a berth on one of our other Lemsteraak 11.00 mtrs  with skipper are € 675,-. The costs for the skipper are included in the price. Costs for food,used diesel and marina fees etc. are not included and have to be paid by the occupants.
  • Or you hire with friends or family one of our other flat bottomed yachts, starting from the length of 8.50 meter, for the indicated Charterprice for that period and an extra € 75,- per person (these costs are included 1 dinner on the day of departure; excluded beverages)  
    You can join the group with your rented ship.
Lemsteraken zeilend op de Waddenzee tijdens de flottieljetocht van Heech by de Mar uit Heeg
Drooggevallen tijdens de Flottieljetocht van Heech by de Mar 2009
Jachthaven Hindeloopen
Harlingen uit met ondergaande zon
Hendrickje Stoffels onder vol tuig
Sluis Kornwerderzand bij nacht

More information

It is a combined Dutch / German / tour with Dutch, German speaking instructors. On the ships with skipper we aim to place guests with common nationalities.
Call us or send an e-mail for more information or sign in for the flotilla tour.