Winter work

12 October 2020

There are customers who think that we are closed in the winter, but during the winter months it is always busy in our workshops. Many employees are busy maintaining and / or renovating ships.

Here a small but incomplete impression.

We have taken care of the following ships from our own rental fleet:
• Lemsteraak "De Steert" has been completely repainted and varnished;
• Lemsteraak "Time spent" has been completely repainted and varnished;
• Motor globe "Moorhen" has been completely repainted and varnished;
• Motoraak "Lepelaar" has been checked and checked for the BOOT Düsseldorf fair;
• Grundel 'Verandering', the hull and underwater hull are completely blasted and provided with a new paint system;
• Much other smaller maintenance on side swords, rudders, spars, technology, etc.

The rental fleet will look beautiful and radiant again in the spring, so hopefully you can enjoy sailing again.
Would you like to rent one of the above "new" or other ships? Look online at "Search and Book"

Private ships also come to us and receive (major) maintenance such as:
• Lemsteraak 14 meters is painted from top to bottom and various techniques are checked and addressed;
• Staverse Jol complete painting and varnishing from top to bottom;
• A Hoogaars gets a completely new cockpit because the steel has rotted away a bit and a new fixed cockpit paneling is installed;
• Some masts of private ships are being remade due to wood rot;
• Many masts and other spars are stripped bare and are given a new paint system;
• And a lot of other private work ...

It always turns out to be so much work that the winter is always too short.

But we have a fantastic and hardworking team and with a tight schedule and fitting and measuring, it generally turns out to be ready on time.

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