Buy / rental combination

Heech by de Mar takes care off the flatbottom lover with this buy / rental formula.
Lemsteraak 11 meter zeilend
Lemsteraak van 11 meter zeilend onder vol tuig. Te huur voor uw vakantie in Friesland, het IJsselmeer en Waddenzee. Geschikt voor maximaal 8 personen.

Many watersporters wants to own their own flatbottomyacht but are concerned about the fact if they can afford the maintainance costs. We hear this concern al lot.
Of course the maintainance costs money and the wage costs increased the past years. On the other hand, there is some good news, the traditional flatbottomships keep their value on therms that they are well maintained !

Lemsteraak tijdtverdrijf drooggevallen

Rental: Ideal for boat and owner.
To decrease the operational costs, Heech by de Mar has developed a formula that combines private use with professional rental and all-in maintainance.

When you are not sailing with your ship, the ship will make money for you and the condition of your ship will not decay, but increase. It is a fact that a round or flatbottomyacht, offered for rent and maintained by us, stays in a better condition than a ship not in use during the sailing season.

Apart from the fact of the financial benefit, the owner takes advantage of the facts that his ship is always ready for sailing, with filled tanks and charged batteries.

The buyer of a ship is offered a rental contract for the duration of 3 years. The amount of the gainings of the rental for a year is dependant of many factors, like the weather, the availability and the economic situation. It depends on the type of ship. If you are seriously interested, you get a view in the history of the rent for the ship and the controllable condition.

Decrease costs and ease of use

We aim for a harmony in three aspects, the amount of gainings from rent, the ease of use for the owner and the operational costs. You dont assume that the amount of gainings from rental is a lucrative business by meaning of high returns on an investment. Our buy / rental formula is mainly a decrease of costs for the owner, in financial and operational point of view. The owner can directly benefit his Yacht without the concern and time consuming facts such as cleaning and sorting out sailing gear; Heech by de Mar takes care of this. Arrive and depart.

Also attracting for private users is the fact that on the earnings from hire of a private ship no taxes are charged in the Netherlands.

Personal calculation examples
Using a personal calculation example we can give you a view in costs and benefits. Dependent on personal wishes of the future owner the purchase of a flatbottomyacht can be interesting.

Are you interested and do you want more information, please feel free to contact us. We 'd love to welcome you for a personal conversation. You can contact Heech by de Mar and ask for mr. Martin Koekebakker.

+31 (0) 515 442750

Our company is open 7 days a week during the sailing season. (april - october)

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Buy / rental combination

Grundel Verandering te huur uit platbodemvloot
Onze leuke en goed onderhouden Grundel Verandering van 6,65 meter is te huur voor uw vakantie om lekker te varen en zeilen over de Friese wateren.

Grundel Verandering

Price: € 21.000,= excl. VAT / 1978

Measures: 6.65 x 2.5 meter

Designer: Gipon / Shipyard: Kooijman en de Vries
Staverse jol Jolleman zeilend

Staverse Jol Jolleman

Price: € 96.500,= excl. VAT / 1995

Measures: 7.80 x 3.25 x 0.98 meter

Designer: Gipon / Shipyard: v. Rijnsoever and Heech by de Mar
Zeeuwse schouw Cadans zeilend

Zeeuwse Schouw Cadans

Price: € 37.500,= excl. VAt / 1978

Measures: 8.00 x 3.10 x 0.70 meter

Designer: Baron v/d Hoevell / Shipyard: Kooijman en de Vries
Vollenhovense Bol 8.10
De Vollenhovense Bol 8.10 meter is geschikt voor maximaal 6 personen. Een handzaam zeilschip voor uw vakantie. Ook met een kleinere bemanning zeer goed hanteerbaar.

Vollenhovense Bol 'Krullebol'

Price: € 54.500,= excl. VAT / 1994

Measures: 8,10 m x 3,00 m x 0,75 meter

Designer: Gipon / Shipyard: Rijnsoever / Heech by de Mar
Lemsteraak De Steert

Lemsteraak "De Steert"

Price: € 105.000,= Excl. VAT / 1978

Measures: 9,10 m x 3,50 m x 0,77 meter

Designer: De Boer / Shipyard: Kooijman en de Vries
Lemsteraak Josephine

Lemsteraak Josephine

Price: € 164.000,= excl. VAT / 1995

Measures: 9.50 x 3.95 x 0.80 meter

Designer: Heech by de Mar
Lemsteraak tijdtverdrijf drooggevallen

Lemsteraak Tijdtverdrijf

Price: € 189.000,= excl. VAT / 1990

Measures: 10,50 x 4,25 0,78 meter

Designer: Kuperus and Heech by de Mar
Lemsteraak 11 meter zeilend
Lemsteraak van 11 meter zeilend onder vol tuig. Te huur voor uw vakantie in Friesland, het IJsselmeer en Waddenzee. Geschikt voor maximaal 8 personen.

Lemsteraak Welvaren

Price: € 230.000,= excl. VAT / 1997

Measures: 11.00 x 4.25 x 0.85 meter

Designer: Hoek Design / Heech by de Mar / Shipyard: Heech by de Mar
Lemsteraak Ronde Walvis

Lemsteraak Ronde Walvis

Price: € 399.000,= excl. VAT / 1990

Measures: 14.50 x 4.80 x 1.10 meter

Designer: Hoek Design