Calender 2020 with listed watersportevents

Heech by de Mar calender.

Just as last year, we are pretty occupied at this moment; working on a new calender . You can almost say; on a yearly basis.
We know that  a lot of  people admire Traditional Yachts, and therefore almost everybody is looking forward to receive our calender.
This is for us an encouragement to continue.

We are proud that the number of listed events is still growing, also this year we have more watersport related events listed.
Do you know an interesting event, and its not listed, do you think it should be on our calender ? Please let us know and we list it next year.
All pictures have been made during last years sailing season and as you can see on the calender; It was a marvelous Season !

We say thanks to all our customers who provide us with lots of beautifull pictures.

If you are interested, you can download our Calender for free from our website. (links and downloads)

Bestand Grootte
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